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.W.o.W. #2

Linda M. Crate

Describe an early experience where you learned that language has power

Music taught me that words have power. If a song can make me have goosebumps and a visceral response then I know it is powerful.

How did you first publish your writing and what was it?

I kept pushing my writing. I just kept tossing my work out there. My first accepted piece was a horror short story, and my first published pieces were in a now defunct journal that was very warm and welcoming to me – which encouraged me to go on. Because not every editor is always the kindest.

What does your inner writing voice tell you?

That I am strong, that I am powerful, that I matter, and people often underestimate me and my worth. It also convinces me to keep going when I don’t always feel like doing so.

You can see Linda’s writing in Yellow Arrow Journal Vol. III Courage and Vol. IV, No. 2 Freedom.