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.W.o.W. #5

T.J. Butler

What period of your life do you find you write about most often? 

I write about my childhood and my 20s most often. Although I write short fiction, my past has provided a wealth of inspiration. I typically write about strong female characters who are disadvantaged by their past, their upbringing, or the choices they've made. Since this describes my childhood and my 20s, I have plenty of life experience to draw from.

Where do you normally find yourself writing?

I live on a sailboat so I do most of my writing while floating on the Chesapeake Bay. 

What does your inner writing voice tell you?

I often have anxiety about my writing, and lately, Impostor Syndrome. I can usually talk myself down from the ledge, but it's always hard for me to enjoy my successes without coming up with reasons why I was not really successful or why something was a flop and nobody noticed but me.

T.J. was one of the wonderful authors from Yellow Arrow Journal’s Vol. IV, no. 1 Doubt. You can find more about her at https://tjbutlerauthor.com/ or follow her on Twitter @AGalWithNoName. Look for her book of short stories A Flame on the Ocean in the near future!