Thank you to all who submitted to the summer 2019 issue:


Submissions for Vol. IV, no. 2 are now closed. See the Journal here.

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If selected, you will receive $10.00 USD and one free hard copy of the Journal issue.

We receive many wonderful submissions but have limited room in each issue. Please do not be discouraged if your submission is not accepted or you missed the deadline—there will be more opportunities available to you in the future.

We are grateful that you would like to share your story with us and our readers.

Submissions Guidelines

  • Accepted submissions include creative nonfiction and poetry by women and identifying authors that must relate to the theme, as interpreted by the author, with an optimistic, hopeful vibe.

  • Creative nonfiction (1 submission per author per issue) must be between 500 and 5,000 words (if over 5,000 words, please visit Publish With Us).

  • Poetry (up to 5 poems per author per issue, grouped into a single document) may be any length.

  • Submissions do not need to be in English but must include an English translation (note that it may not be possible to accept foreign nonfiction submissions due to editing concerns).

  • No previously published work will be accepted at this time—this includes all printed and online material; if a submission is published elsewhere in the interim, email immediately.

Cover Art Submission Guidelines

  • Cover art can be a painting, drawing, print, photo, graphic design, comic, or anything else that can be dreamed up by women and identifying artists, as related to the theme.

  • Artists must own all rights to the work submitted—if published or shown previously, artists must be able to list where and when.

  • If chosen, the artist must be able to supply the artwork at a resolution no lower than 300 dpi and at a size of 8 ½ x 11 cm, as a .jpeg/.jpg or .tiff/.tif.

To submit to the next issue, send an email to and include:

  • Subject: Vol. IV, no. 2 Freedom – type of submission [nonfiction, poetry, or cover art]

  • Your full name, age, and current residence

  • Only for cover art submissions, a list of past publications/exhibits for your artwork

Attach your submission to your email. Accepted files for nonfiction and poetry submissions include .doc/.docx, .rtf, or .pdf—use minimal document and font sizing. Accepted files for cover art include .jpeg/.jpg, .tiff/.tif, .gif, .eps, or .psd—a low resolution is acceptable at this time.

By sending your submission you agree to the following statements:

  • You are a woman or an identifying writer

  • You have read and submitted within the guidelines

Whether accepted to the next issue or not, all authors will receive an email—please do not email us to inquire about a submission.