Writers in Real Life: Jessica Cappelluti and Edele Morgan

Student and Teacher Writers


Here at Yellow Arrow, we live for moments like these. Meet Jessica and Edele. Both of these poets were published in the latest issue of our literary journal. Edele's poem "Good," leads the journal as we explore the theme of Doubt. This talented high schooler informed us (well after the publication was under way) that her teacher and mentor Jessica Cappelluti also had a poem accepted in the same issue of our journal. Talk about serendipity.

Ms. Morgan shared these thoughts about her teacher:

"Ms. Cappelluti is my English teacher this year and she has had a great influence on me as a writer and a person. I'm lucky to not only have her as a teacher but as a caring and supportive role model in my life. I have her class last period every day so as soon as I get there I tell her all about what's going on, good or bad. She always listens and reassures me if anything has gone wrong and praises my achievements and celebrates with me when things go right. Every class we start with journaling. Ms. Cappelluti is the first teacher I've had to ever give her students time to write about ourselves or things we care about and give us the choice to share or just keep it to ourselves. She has also encouraged us to try to write poetry and actually gave me an extra journal that is now my poetry book. When Ms. Cappelluti first told me about Yellow Arrow Journal I was so excited at the thought of us doing this together and myself possibly getting published for the first time. I started to brainstorm right away and sent in three of my poems. I got the email saying that one of my poems was chosen during my sixth period U.S. history class and immediately called my mom. For the rest of the day I was bubbling with anticipation to tell Ms. Cappelluti and when I finally got to tell her I found out that she got chosen too. We talked about it almost everyday and couldn't wait to get our copies of the journal. I'm so grateful for Ms. Cappelluti and everything she has done for me because without her I would likely not have the passion for writing and for life that I have today."

Ms. Cappelluti shared these thoughts about her student:

"It was definitely synchronous that we were both accepted.  It is funny how it worked out, because my mom has always been my support; she's the one who taught me how to write and helped me to cultivate my voice.  When I was in high school, I wrote at least one poem a day, and my mother was the only person who I would allow to read it.  I've been writing poetry my whole life, but I never thought to submit one for publication. My mom told me about the Yellow Arrow Journal, and urged me to send something.  When I discovered that it was for women, I knew I had to tell Edele.  Edele is a very special young woman.  She is gifted and philosophical and deep.  I begin all of my classes with 5 minutes of journaling, and Edele usually has trouble stopping at 5 minutes.  Thankfully, she is in my last period class, so she will often stay late to continue writing, and then show me her journal.  She comes in to school and tells me that she wrote multiple poems over the weekend, or over a school vacation.  I knew she needed to submit a poem, and I'm so glad she did."

We are so grateful that these women shared this special story with us. We hope you keep writing forever and ever.